Up-to-date Tutorials

There are not many up-to-date tutorials available for XDOM at the moment. If you know about an up-to-date tutorial that is not listed here, please post me a note via service@philo.de. (You do not need to be the author of the tutorial to do so.) Please have also a look at the examples included in the XDOM zip-archive.

A brief introduction into some XDOM basics.
Outdated Tutorials

Attention: The following tutorials are based on outdated XDOM versions. A lot of things work differently, now (most important, the CodeAsString function is outdated and was replaced by the TDomToXmlParser component). Therefore, these tutorials are listed here primarily for historical reasons. (One never knows who might benefit even from outdated information.)

A tutorial which originally appeared in the UK Borland User Group Magazine, June/Sept. 2001. The zip-archives contain each the original article as a PDF, source code and GIF files for each of the figures. Part one covers XDOM basics, such as loading a document, and creating and accessing nodes. Part two explains how to traverse an XML node tree using a TreeWalker or an Iterator. Since the tutorial is based on XDOM version 2.3.x some details might meanwhile have changed in the latest version. Take care!
This article covers how to install the components and how to build a simple XML parsing program. Note, that this tutorial is not based on the latest XDOM version, and therefore some things would not work exactly the same way as described, e.g. the filename for the XDOM unit has changed from Nodes.pas to XDOM.pas.
This article shows how to parse XML files and display them in a Delphi TTreeView component. Note, that this tutorial is not based on the latest XDOM version, and therefore some things might not work exactly the same way as described.
This article covers directly creating an XML document using XDOM, without using the parser.
This is a brief tutorial that shows how to iterate through an XML document.